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11 December 2021

On December 7-10 the Russian Cup in PI swimming  was held in Ramenskoye (Moscow Region).

Athletes from 34 regions of the country took part in the competition.

Team of Moscow won the champion title in the team event (18601 points). The second place went to athletes from the Nizhny Novgorod Region (14758 points). The team from the Samara Region got the bronze medal (14,433 points).

A total of 14 Russian records were set at the event:

Natalia Butkova (Volgograd Region), 50m freestyle and 50m backstroke in the S4 class.

Anton Baltachev (Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug - Ugra), 50m freestyle in class S1.

Kirill Pulver (Samara region), 50m, 100m, 200m freestyle and 50m butterfly in class S5.

Maria Udachina (Arkhangelsk region), 50m breaststroke in class SB1.

Ivan Tsyplenkov (Samara Region), 50m breaststroke in SB1 class, 200m freestyle and 100m backstroke in S1 class.

Dmitry Chernyaev (Chelyabinsk Region), 100m breaststroke in SB4 class and 200m medley in SM5 class.

Milana Schelokova (Moscow), 100m backstroke, class S7.

Also, athletes exceeded 3 European records. Kirill Pulver in 200m freestyle and 50m butterfly in class S5, and Dmitry Chernyaev in 200m medley in class SM5.

The results of the competition are available on the website of the Russian Paralympic Committee in the 'Protocols' section.

Swimming is one of the first sports disciplines in Paralympic sport that was included in the competition programme of the I Paralympic Summer Games 1960 in Rome (Italy). The sport is promoted by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC). Swimming is one of the most medal-intensive sports at the Paralympic Games. It involves men and women with locomotor, visual and intellectual impairments. Paralympic athletes compete in the 50-metre pool on eight lanes of the FINA standard. Russian swimmers won 17 gold, 14 silver and 18 bronze medals at the XVI Paralympic Games.

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