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29 July 2019

IBSA (International Blind Sports Federation) Judo European Championships took place in Genoa, Italy. 

130 athletes from 18 countries competed against each other.


Last day consisted solely of team events, where 8 teams fought for medals.

In first round, Russia defeated Spain, but could not hold a tight tension from Azerbaijan, losing 3-4 to later victorians of the tournament.

In 3rd place matc, Russia claimed bronze by overcoming Ukraine. Georgian team earned second bronze set.

In the final round, Azerbaijan destroyed United IBSA team with athletes representing different countries (6-0).

Russian team was as follows: Artem Merkulov (Republic of Bashkortostan), Victor Rudenko (Khabarovsk Krai), Nukh Salikhov(Ulyanovsk Oblast), Ruslan Sabirov (Khabarovsk Krai), Vladimir Fedin (Moscow) Gaidar Gaidarov (Moscow), Anastasia Chudina (Kaluga Oblast), Alesya Stepanyuk (Moscow), Aminat Magomedova (Republic of Dagestan), Olga Pozdnysheva (Yugra), Olga Zabrodskaya (Moscow/Ulyanovsk Oblast), Tatyana Savostyanova (Moscow).


Russia finished the continental championships with 2 gold, 6 silver and 5 bronze medals, which guaranteed second place in overall standings.

Despite being left without podium in team events, Ukraine managed to win the championships overall (3 gold and 4 bronze medals). Turkey concluded the overall podium (2-1-3).

Russian Paralympic Committee congratulates Russian VI judo team with getting 2 gold, 6 silver and 5 bronze medals and achieving an overall second place!

Judo for visually impaired athletes became a part of Paralympic sports program in 1988 in Seoul. However, women were allowed to compete only in 2004 in Athens. The main difference with regular judo is a required contact between two judoists by holding on each other’s kimono (this gripping is called “kumi-kata”), and if a contact is lost, then the referee calls “mate” (wait) and the fight stops until both athletes get to their initial position. During a 4-minute fight, participants earn points for throwing, gripping, hooking and strangling each other. Judoist, earning greater amount of points, becomes winner of a fight. This feature of getting into contact with opponent before starting a fight is vital for athletes’ orientation. On XVI Paralympic Games in Tokyo 13 medal sets will be available to earn.

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