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RPC Press release following IPC Governing Board meeting on 3 March

03 March 2022
The Russian Paralympic Committee believes that the International Paralympic Committee’s decision of March 3 2022 is completely unfounded, as it clearly contradicts one of the basic principles of the Paralympic family - the apolitical nature of sport for the disabled.

In accordance with this decision the RPC and Russian para athletes appear as the perpetrators of the current political conflicts.

Meanwhile, not only they have not done anything that in any way can be interpreted as participation in the current political complications, but, on the contrary, in full compliance with the decision of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), they removed from the governing bodies of the RPC persons who had any connection to the political structures.

In this regard, the RPC considers the IPC’s decision illegal and reserves the right to defend the rights and interests of Russian para athletes in sports and other judicial instances.

Of course, the RPC will continue to work on the development of national physical culture and sport for persons with disabilities and create all the necessary conditions for this.

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