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More than 50 athletes won medals at the Open Russian Boccia Competition

26 September 2023

The Republican training base of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation "Oka" in the town of Aleksin (Tula region) hosted the Open Russian Boccia competitions.

 The competitions were held from September 9 to September 15. They were attended by 53 athletes from 14 regions of the country, as well as 6 athletes from the Republic of Belarus.

 In total 11 sets of medals in 11 disciplines were played: BC1, BC2, BC3, BC4, BC4 pairs, BC3 pairs and BC1/2 triples.


 In the BC1 (Men) class:

 1st place - Mikhail Gutnik (Moscow)

 2nd place - Ivan Murashev (Tomsk region)

 3rd place - Maxim Bashkirtsev (St. Petersburg).


 In BC1 (Female) class:

 1st place - Natalia Kulagina (Republic of Tatarstan)

 2nd place - Olga Dolgova (Sevastopol)

 3rd place - Angelina Kuzmina (Republic of Tatarstan)


In BC2 (Men) class:

 1st place - Denis Trifonov (Sevastopol)

 2nd place - Ramil Sharafutdinov (Republic of Tatarstan)

 3rd place - Stanislav Savchenko (Republic of Belarus)


 In BC2 (Female) class:

 1st place - Diana Tsyplina (Krasnodar region)

 2nd place - Sofya Babkina (Tomsk region)

 3rd place - Anastasia Bronnikova (Tyumen region)


 In BC3 (Men) class:

 1st place - Alexander Legostaev and ramp operator Sergey Legostaev (Perm region)

 2nd place - Ochir Boshomdzhiev and ramp operator Kermen Boshomdzhieva (Republic of Kalmykia)

 3rd place - B Maxim Asiliev and ramp operator Emilia Bagisheva (Moscow)


 In BC3 (Female) class:

 1st place - Ksenia Kudryavtseva and ramp operator Vera Kudryavtseva (St. Petersburg)

 2nd place - Julia Plakuta and ramp operator Irina Plakuta (Sevastopol)

 3rd place - Angelina Soshnikova and ramp operator Valentin Soshnikov (Sevastopol).


 In BC4 (Men) class:

 1st place - Sergey Safin (Saratov region)

 2nd place - Sergey Opritov (Moscow region)

 3rd place - Alexander Michurin (St. Petersburg)


 In BC4 (Female) class:

 1st place - Olga Zyateva (Moscow region)

 2nd place - Daria Adonina (Saint-Petersburg)

 3rd place - Natalya Zyateva (Moscow)


In BC3 pairs:

 1st place - Republic of Kalmykia (Ochir Boshomdzhiev, Maria Elsukova)

 2nd place - St. Petersburg (Vitaly Vasiliev, Ksenia Kudryavtseva)

 3rd place - Sevastopol/Perm Region (Julia Plakuta - Alexander Legostaev).


 In BC4 pairs:

 1st place - Moscow/Saratov (Natalia Zyateva - Sergey Safin)

 2nd place - Moscow Region (Olga Zyateva / Sergey Opritov)

 3rd place - St. Petersburg (Daria Adonina, Alexander Michurin).


 In triples BC1/2:

 1st place - Udmurtia/Sevastopol (Natalia Agapova, Denis Trifonov, Olga Dolgova)

 2nd place - Republic of Tatarstan (Natalia Kulagina, Ramil Sharafutdinov, Angelina Kuzmina)

 3rd place - Krasnodar/Tyumen region (Diana Tsyplina, Ekaterina Ezhova, Anastasia Bronnikova)

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