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Russia's strong start at Amputee Football World Cup in Mexico

30 October 2018

Amputee Football World Cup is underway in Mexican city of San Juan de los Lagos,.

Russian National team won first two games against Salvador (4:0) and Nigeria (3:0).

Our players will face with Brazil at their final match at group stage.

All games are streamed at the official Facebook page of the Event:

Other groups:

  • Group «А» (Mexico, England, Ireland, Uruguay); 
  • Group «В» (Argentina, Italy, France, Ghana);
  • Group «С» (Poland, Japan, Columbia, Costa-Rica); 
  • Group «D» (Angola, Haiti, Ukraine, Spain); 
  • Group «Е» (Russia, Brazil, El Salvador, Nigeria); 
  • Group «F» (Turkey, USA, Kenia и Liberia).
Russian team roster

  • Timur Aliyev (Republic of Dagestan)

  • Igor Zhilin (Altay Region)

  • Alexander Kozhakin (Volgograd region)

  • Adam Mezhiev (Republic of Chechnya)

  • Salambek Mutayev (Republic of Chechnya)

  • Valeriy Sadovsky(Volgograd region)

  • Abubakar Tolkhadov (Republic of Chechnya)

  • Bislan Shakhbiyev (Republic of Chechnya)

  • Egor Putikin (Nizhniy Novgorod Region)

  • Magomed Abuyev (Republic of Chechnya)

  • Dmitry Udalov (Altay Region)

  • Georgiy Krivolutskiy (Altay Region)

  • Ruslan Zamakhov (Moscow)

  • Igor Gamaonov (Republic of Northern Ossetia – Alania)

Head coach: Seregye Lisitsyn


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101000, Moscow, Turgenevskaya sq., 2