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14 July 2019

Sevilla (Spain) hosts football world cup for CP athletes from July 4 to 20

In quarterfinals, Russian national team defeated Argentina 5 to 0.


In first half, Russians scored four. Marat Eloev(9) was the first one to celebrate on 6th minute, followed by two consecutive goals from Nika Mirakishvili(11), and Marat Eloev’s successful attempt for his second goal on 25th minute.

Second half would have been scoreless, if Soslanbek Gazdanov did not upset Argentinian goalie with a strike on 58th minute.


With a very consistent winning record, Russian team continues its way to the finals, but there is one more stage to pass.


Avtandil Baramidze, head coach of Russian football team, commented on the game: “Our players were outstanding today. Argentinians were aggressive, that was expected before the game. In general, as we move forward, opponents get more challenging. On July 16 we will be facing either USA or England, this will be determined tomorrow. Again, I want to thank our spectators. We keep track of social media and appreciate all your support. This is very important for us and we can feel your spirit with us.”

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